Monday, March 4, 2013

You Gotta Love Those Windy Longruns

I know I already posted something today, but I just wanna talk about my run real quick.

So, today was Monday, and Monday is now going to be my longrun day. In the past, I knew my long runs were important, but I never really made them my main focus. As of right now because my mileage is still relatively low and I am in the base training stages, my longruns are the most important runs of the week. To be able to make large jumps in your fitness and achieve your maximum potential as a runner  you need to get your longruns in because these runs of 60+ minutes will cause your body to make more mitochondria in your cells and teach your body to burn your fat stores before it begins to use up your glycogen storages. Just thought I should clarify a little bit.
Side note:The weather by the way was amazing. High of 67 and clear skys.
I wore a tank top and shorts today and long boarding to class felt great too :D. 

I went far today to say the least. I believe today was my second longest day ever. I started out from my dorm and headed towards the south farms. I completed the full loop even went into the XC course in the back part of the farm and then headed back. I went all the way across campus crossed the highway and ran into the north farms. I can say that I have never ran in windier conditions than today. The first half of the run was straight into the wind and the last half I was running into it so most people would say that it evens out. Honestly though, the wind will slow you down more than it helps speed you up. There were parts where the wind was hitting me so hard that it felt like I was going at and 8-9 minute pace and I had to look to the sides because it was hurting my eyes when the dirt would hit me.

Even with the crazy wind, I had my fastest longrun yet. 14.5 miles total. 12.5 averaging 6:39 pace. The first half was nice and controlled, and the second half was faster but controlled. and the last 2 miles was my cool down. I decided to stop my watch at 12.5 miles and complete the last 2 as a cool down 
(7-7:15 pace) at that point running trying to keep my pace while running into the was just impossible, and I needed to shake out the lactic acid that had accumulated in my legs. The run felt awesome though, even with the wind. I saw the entire team, boys/girls during the span of my run too which was nice, there all so friendly. I stopped at the track on my way back to my dorm during my cool down and got to talk to Coach Franks again. He looked happy to see me, shook my hand and smiled as always. I definitely feel like he is a great coach and all the XC runners tell me he is. He's not a hot head, hes one of the friendliest guys you will meet too. I found out I'm not going to be able to race unattached for the first two home meets but the one in April I will though. I'll be much better prepared anyways so its for the best. And coach told me the race wont be my try-out that he still wants me to try out at the end of summer so this race will just be for fun, so I'm genuinely excited.

Here Are My Spilts:

1.  7:09     
14:23+ 0:05 (-2%)7'14"/mi
21:08- 0:29 (6%)6'45"/mi
27:54+ 0:01 (-1%)6'46"/mi
34:25- 0:15 (3%)6'31"/mi
40:56+ 0:00 (0%)6'31"/mi
47:21- 0:06 (1%)6'25"/mi
54:03+ 0:17 (-5%)6'42"/mi
1:00:34- 0:11 (2%)6'31"/mi
1:06:58- 0:07 (1%)6'24"/mi
1:13:10- 0:12 (3%)6'12"/mi
1:19:39+ 0:17 (-5%)6'29"/mi

When I got back from my run I felt pretty tired but when I stopped my legs were sore! Luckily my Room Director gave me his PVC pipe "foam" roller so after using that (and screaming the whole time) I felt great. After I showered, subway was on the menu and a smoothie as-well. 

Other side note: My longboard comes in tomorrow!!

Thats pretty much it. Time to get a chargrilled sandwich from Chickfila and hit the books. 

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