Friday, March 22, 2013

Run in with the Police, Dean of Students, and a sore foot

Hey guys, this week has been interesting to say the least. I had my first interval sessions in a while and they felt great, after my 400m session on monday I felt very motivated what is to come. On Wednesday I had 200s. 8 of them to be exact. I kinda just came up with my workouts this week, but its ok because next week I'll be starting the Jack Daniels schedule. My coach from back at home said that we did lots of Jack Daniels style training which means it is the type of training my body is used to, :D so we'll see where it takes me.

But, back to the workout. I had 8 200s at 32 seconds with a minute jogging recovery in between them. To be honest, I had too much recovery in between reps and the pace was slow, so it really wasn't a quality workout that I would have wanted to get, but i still got some good turn over. And some of the 200s I got a litte excited and hit them at 28 or 29. It felt good, and it was definitely good to get more repetitions in at race pace. Its all about getting used to how that pace feels during workouts so that on race day, you are ready and the pace comes out like clockwork. Even better, if I can get used to race pace on the grass, race pace on the track will feel much better. Speaking of grass, this is where it gets interesting....

I ran both workouts this week on the intramural soccer field by the south farm. Its perfect for doing repeats. A flat, well maintained, firm grass field where you can measure out distances and really get in a great quality workout, and the field is almost always empty so having the facility to yourself is also a plus. BUT, and this is a very big butt... Its illegal to run on the field when the gate is closed. Theres a sign that says something like "NO FENCE JUMPING WHEN GATE IS CLOSED. POLICE WILL BE CALLED." I honestly didn't think I would get the police called on me if I ran there, I mean why would I? I wasn't really doing anything wrong besides trespassing, and I needed a pace to train. But coming into to the last 30 meters of my 5th repeat I see a cop car pullin up and I here "You there, stop right now" I waved at him and pointed at my watch so he would see that I was finishing up. Right away I though, "SH%T" the sign didn't lie. Apparently, dude to some political BS, its against the rules to run on the field because of a liability issue, and the policeman said I had to leave right away. He was actually really nice, and apologized for messing up the workout but that he was just doing his job, i can respect that. The guy who was a real ass was the intramural sports guy who reported us. I asked him why its a liability issue and if its because they think they're facilities are deemed unsafe. All he told was "Well....its the rules" Really?!? The people at the intramural sports office are full of shit, pardon my language, but seriously. I have a higher chance of getting hurt on campus by getting hit by a car, or on the farms (which are still university property), or in the parking lot of the soccer field. If I get hurt on the  fenced off soccer field its because I was being stupid, and the fact that they are worried of being sued because of negligence is ridiculous. They have a perfect soccer field which almost never gets used unless there is an intramural sports game is happening and to everyone who wants to use it, they could care less. It really bothers me, because I COULD use the old intramural fields, but they're about as smooth as no mans land in trench warfare during WWI.... the field is terrible is what I'm getting at.
So, long story short I get written up and they kick me out. What didn't make sense is that they kicked me out right as they were unlocking the gate for a soccer game in 15 minutes, so when they both left I went back in and completed my workout (ended up doing 4 more), the gate was open right? I wasn't breaking any rules.
The next morning I get a call at 9:45 which wakes me up I said the conversation went
Me: "Hello?"
Dean "Hi is this Lucas?"
Me: "Yeah, who is this"
Dean: "This is _____ the Dean of Students"
My initial thought was, dude, why are calling me 15 minutes before my alarm goes off!?!
Long story short, he told me to come into his office to talk about what happened, he was nice about it too, and told me that yes its a little ridiculous but its the rules and that I had to follow. I completely understand that what I did was wrong, but I don't feel bad about it. Some rules were meant to be broken. Apparently I didn't even have to go in and talk to him he just wanted to find out why someone was on the field w/o doing anything wrong like vandalism.

So, besides getting into trouble today was a good weak, i feel strong, and lighter on my feet than I have in a very long time. My foot is a little tender right now so I'm going to take tomorrow off and see if that helps. May be I need to stay off the skateboard for a while and give my foot a rest.

Anyways, until next time!

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