Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hey you all. I didn't post anything yesterday cause, well, recovery runs are not the most exciting things to talk about and my schedule yesterday was crazy. I thought I was gonna run at around 4 but I had the RUF Dating Game thingy to go to at 5 so I knew I wouldn't have time. But then at 5 o'clock I got a call from my date saying that they moved the time to 6. So I lost 3 hours of my day that could have been used for something else. Oh well, at least I got some good long boarding in.

When I got back from the date which was some kind of scavenger hunt thing I went on my run. I was about 8:00 so it was dark and pretty col outside. My legs were definitely tired and I did not feel to great (I got car sick during the scavenger hunt). I ended up going a little over 5 miles at 7:40 pace, felt like a slog more than a run, but my legs felt nice afterwards. Remember guys, YOU WONT win any races by going fast on your recovery days. Your body needs ample time to recover so listen to it. If you need to go at an 8:00 pace, go that fast. If you can faster, go a little faster. I normally dont go that slow on my recovery days but I was feeling extra tired so decided to take nice and slow.

Today, which is wednesday, went well. I had a nice distance run. I'm still not doing high mileage so I only went a little over 6. I ran with my busy Kamau, who is a natural. I don't think I've ever scene someone who has biomechanics better than his. He just glides over the ground, pretty neet stuff. Anyways, I started out right at 7:00 pace and brought it down to 6:35-6:40 for the last two miles and it felt great. My legs didn't feel stiff and I wasn't sore either. I love days like today, when you can just roll at a nice steady pace and it feels easy. Over all it was a great day :D

I did take my longboard out for my first real session today and, I love this thing. The concave locks in your feet when you slide so you feel nice and relaxed when doing them which is important. You never really want to be tense when long boarding  thats usually how you end up bailing. I also took it down some nice hills, probably got up to about 25-27 miles per hour and the board didn't feel like it was trying at all. I cannot wait to take it down some of the hill around my home, thats where I will really find out just how great the board is. 

Finally, spring break is around the corner. I'm not sure if I'm leaving tomorrow or Friday but I can't wait. I'm going home for the weekend, going up to the mountains in NC to visit my friend George (definitely taking my longboard with  me), and then going to Pensacola on Wednesday for the remainder of spring break at a friends condo which is right on the beach.
Next week should be fun to say the least. And yes, I will still be training, even if I'm on vacation.

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