Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Man, I love the summer

Most people love the summer because they get to sleep in, enjoy a giant breakfast  and may be watch some tv in the morning. Me? I love waking up in the AM and running down at the river. There's just something about being outside on the trails, breathing in the fresh air, feeling the cool breeze coming off the river, and having the morning due rub off the blades of grass onto your legs. 

Summers don't get much better than to me. I can simply loose myself on the trails, and truly dedicate my time to training.

-Run in the morning
-Take a nap in the afternoon
-Hang out with friends in the evening
-And then go on my second run, or do strength workouts

I am definitely enjoying myself right now, and my training is going great. I'm feel strong and health (Although I felt terrible on my last long run. But you always have those off days so no biggie).
My mileage has been at 50-55 for the past month. I have one more week around 54 miles and then I make my last in mileage to 60 right before I get my schedule!

I stil haven't gotten my schedule, but it should be coming in the mail soon.
Excited is an understatement. haha

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